Poupart Citrus and its suppliers from around the world have a duty to ensure that operations do not adversely affect the environment.

To this end the Poupart Citrus growers and suppliers are aware of the need to minimise the impact on their local environment and enhance wildlife provision wherever possible.

The growers are all members of certification schemes, Eurep-gap being the minimum standard required. Organic suppliers are all certified against an organic standard that is accepted by the EU as well as the UK based 'Soil Association'. Growers supplying to Waitrose have now been set the challenge to comply with 'LEAF' (Linking Environment and Farming). The primary focus of the 'LEAF' audit is environmental responsibility, promoting an integrated approach to management to ensure the environment is not unnecessarily affected by farming whilst ensuring the farms can work as efficient businesses.

These schemes have the following features:-

To achieve this, our growers and suppliers employ a number of techniques including the use of independent studies and advisors in order to give them the best platform from which to grow their businesses in an environmentally sustainable way.

Integrated pest management has become very much part of the approach to managing pests and diseases, hence minimising the use of pesticides and maximising the use of biological control insects.

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